How Do You Grow Pine Trees?


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To grow pine trees, first decide if you want to plant from seeds or seedlings. Harvest seeds from female cones as they fall during autumn. Select viable seeds and germinate them in a container kept indoors. Transplant outdoors once the seedlings have reached between 6 inches and 1 foot in height. Plant seedlings in a hole twice as big as the root ball and make sure the planting depth is the same as the nursery planting depth.

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Planting from seeds takes a long time. Select seeds after harvesting by putting them in water and discarding the seeds that float. Choose a potting mix specific for pine trees, with 80 percent pine bark and 20 percent peat moss.

Fill a pot with the potting mix, making sure it has good drainage. Push the seed below the surface with the pointy side facing down. Germination takes months. Water regularly to keep the seeds moist and place the pot in a sunny area where small animals can't reach it.

Once the seedlings reach the proper size, prepare the outdoor site by removing grass and weeds. Make sure the soil is loose. Test soil drainage by making a 1-foot-deep hole and filling it with water. If the water drains in a span of 12 hours, the soil has good drainage. If not, use land drains or select a different site.

To prevent rot, avoid planting seedlings too deep. Position the seedling in the hole making sure it stands up straight and stable. Refill the hole and gently press the soil.

Water abundantly and apply wood chip mulch around the seedling without touching the trunk. Create a sunscreen to protect seedlings from strong sunlight. Mulch regularly, avoiding mulch made from black walnut tree. Test the soil to determine when to water.

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