How Do You Grow the Piggyback Plant?


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To successfully grow a piggyback plant, provide moist soil, in a humid location with indirect sunlight, then propagate the leaves to form a new plant, and re-pot the adult plant in the spring. The conditions required to care for a piggyback plant can be difficult to maintain, but in good environments the plants live for up to two years. Aside from allowing the plant to grow with time, the maintenance steps should only take a few minutes.

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  1. Create ideal growing conditions

    Piggyback plants grow with indirect sunlight, soil that is consistently moist and environments with high levels of humidity. The appropriate daytime temperature is between 72 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit, with stable nighttime temperatures as low as 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

  2. Use fresh soil and fertilizer

    The piggyback grows best in a loose potting mix that is well-drained. An optimal time to fertilize is during growth season using liquid or controlled-release fertilizer products. Be sure to follow the instructions of the fertilizer manufacturer.

  3. Propagate piggyback leaves

    Carefully collect leaf cuttings of a mature leaf, leaving the stem in place. Put the stem into fresh, moist soil, keeping it warm until the new plant begins to grow.

  4. Re-pot adult plants

    Spring is the best time to re-pot mature plants. Place the plant in a slightly larger pot with fresh soil, taking additional leaf cuttings for propagation. After two years, set the older plant in your garden or on the patio.

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