How Do You Grow a Permaculture Garden?


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A permaculture garden consists of plants that are native to the region, well adapted to the area and self-sufficient. These plants also benefit the landscape. In order to grow a permaculture garden, you need seeds or plants, mulch and compost.

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  1. Make a plan

    Look at the plot of land where you want to grow a permaculture garden. Find out how much sunlight, water and wind the land is exposed to, and purchase plants that have the same light and water requirements. Situate plants that require the greatest amount of care in a place with easy access. Place those plants that need the least attention further away.

  2. Use diverse plants

    Plant several different kinds of plants that benefit each other. For instance, when marigolds are planted beside tomato plants, they keep eel worms away. Sweet cicely attracts insects that feed on aphids, which prevents aphid infestations.

  3. Mulch your garden

    Add mulch or compost to the soil in order to suffocate weeds and add nutrients to the soil. Spread a layer of straw, grass clippings and leaves on top of the mulch layer.

  4. Get rid of pests naturally

    Use predators of pests to get rid of infestations without resorting to pesticides. For instance, introduce frogs into your garden if slugs are a problem.

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