How Do You Grow Perennial Plants From Seed?


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The requirements for growing perennial plants from seed vary by species, but most perennial seeds grow best using a moist seed-starting mix with good drainage, warm temperatures and ample sunlight when leaves sprout. Some easy perennial plants for beginners include yarrow, purple coneflower, perennial geranium and aster.

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To plant the seeds, fill a shallow container with holes for drainage with seed-starting mix. Commercial planting trays are available, or you can poke holes into the bottom of a cardboard egg carton. Sprinkle three to four seeds onto each section.

If the packet instructions indicate a planting depth, cover the seeds with a layer of sphagnum moss or vermiculite to that depth. Soak the soil by watering gently to avoid disturbing the seeds. Cover the tray with plastic wrap to prevent evaporation and reduce the need for additional watering. Keep the planted seeds in a warm dry location until sprouts form.

When the seeds sprout, remove the plastic wrap, and move the seedlings to a sunny location. Once the seedlings form several sets of true leaves, transplant the seedlings to a large pot with regular soil. If you wish to grow these plants outdoors, slowly acclimate the plants to the outdoor conditions by keeping the potted plants outside for a few hours at a time before transplanting them in the ground.

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