How Do You Grow Your Own Truffles?


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Grow your own truffles by purchasing truffle seedlings or buying hazelnut tree seedlings that already contain the fungus in their roots. Truffles need hazelnut or oak trees to thrive; they absorb nutrients from the tree's roots during winter and provide nutrients during the summer.

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Make sure your area is conducive to truffle growing. The climate needs to be temperate and have four seasons, but with minimum temperatures above 20 degrees Fahrenheit where the ground doesn't freeze. Some good truffle-growing locations include northern California, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee.

Prepare the truffle planting site by removing any trees, plants or root systems in the area. The only plants should be the hazelnut or oak truffle trees. Use alkaline, chalky soil. Send in a sample of the soil to a lab to determine that it has the right nutrients in which to successfully grow truffles. Amend the soil with lime to raise the pH to at least 8.0.

You must maintain the trees and keep the area plant-free for six to eight years before seeing a truffle crop. Keep an eye out for Eastern Filbert Blight, a disease that can kill hazelnut trees and the growing truffles. Signs of a truffle crop include bulges at the base of the tree and the growth of moss.

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