How Do You Grow Your Own Hops?


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To grow your own hops, obtain hop rhizomes in March or April, and choose a location for them where the soil is light, well-drained and has a pH level of 6 to 8. Make holes in the ground that are 1 foot deep, add some slow-release organic fertilizer to the soil that you took out of the hole, such as composted manure, bone meal or rock phosphate. Place the rhizomes in the holes, and put the soil back in.

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Leave about 5 feet between plants of different varieties and about 3 feet if you are using identical varieties. As hops usually climb up support structures as they grow, make sure that there is a fence or a wall next to the location where you plant them. If there are no support structures in place, put a stake in the ground, and use a strong twine to connect it to the house or a fence. Make sure that hops are wrapping around the string when they grow, and wrap them yourself if necessary.

It is important to water hops enough during the first year of their growth, so place some mulch around the base of the plant to prevent it from drying out too quickly. However, make sure that the soil becomes completely dry sometimes to prevent the roots of the plant from rotting. Water the plant immediately after the soil dries. Adding some generic fertilizer when the plant is actively growing is going to make it much stronger.

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