How Do You Grow Your Own Hop Rhizomes?


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Select an area that gets maximum sunlight in the mornings with an accessible water source and rich soil. Dig large holes, and add wood ash, grass clippings, manure and top soil. Lay the rhizomes on their sides, and spread out the rootlets and eyelets of the rhizomes. Cover with top soil and loose mulch. Water enough to keep the soil moist.

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Use female hop rhizomes, as only they produce cones. Prepare the soil at least two weeks before planting the rhizomes by digging circular holes about 8 inches in diameter and 10 to 12 inches deep. At the bottom, place a 1-inch layer of wood ash, an inch of straw or grass clippings, an inch of composted manure, and 3 inches of the topsoil. Cover with 3 inches of mulch, water well and let it settle for two weeks.

Dig out the layer of mulch, and an inch of the top soil. Plant the hop rhizomes along with a stake for vertical support. Cover with topsoil to a depth of 1 to 2 inches, and then cover with loose mulch, leaving at least 2 inches of the hole above unfilled. Water daily for a week and then frequently enough so that soil stays moist but not swampy.

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