How Do You Grow an Outdoor Herb Garden?

How Do You Grow an Outdoor Herb Garden?

Growing herbs has many benefits. In order to grow your own outdoor herb garden, select a good location, prepare the soil, plant the seedlings and care for the plants. You need herb seeds or seedlings, peat, sand, vermiculite, compost, a trowel, water and fertilizer.

  1. Select a good location

    Select a good location for your outdoor herb garden. Consult the labels or seed packets for information on optimum sun exposure for each specific herb. For example, plant chervil in full shade, thyme in partial shade and sage in full sun.

  2. Prepare the soil

    Prepare the soil for the herbs. Make sure that the soil drains well or make your own soil mixture. To make your own potting mix, combine peat, horticultural sand, vermiculite, compost and soil. Remove the existing soil, and fill the area with the mix. Make sure that the garden bed is level with the surrounding soil.

  3. Plant the herbs

    Plant the seeds or transplant seedlings into the prepared area using a hand trowel. Space the plants according to package recommendations, which helps the plants to grow and avoids overcrowding. Label the plants.

  4. Care for the plants

    Care for the plants by watering and fertilizing them. Do not over-fertilize the plants, and do not fertilize them at all during the winter. Water the plants whenever the first couple of inches of soil dries out.