How Do You Grow an Ornamental Pear Tree?

How Do You Grow an Ornamental Pear Tree?

Ornamental pears offer the flowers and foliage of fruiting pears without the mess. They're hearty in areas where fruiting pears can't survive. After the first year, they require little care and grow to a height of 45 feet, spreading their branches about 20 feet in diameter. Some of these trees have thorns, so wear gloves when planting and trimming the trees.

  1. Select the planting area

    Select an area where the tree has plenty of room to spread its branches. Choose an area with well-drained soil and full sun exposure. Clay soil is acceptable if it doesn't become waterlogged.

  2. Check the soil pH

    These trees prefer acidic soil. Add sulfur, working it into the soil several feet, to lower the pH if it's above 7.0.

  3. Dig the hole

    Prepare a planting hole a minimum of two times the width of the root ball. Dig the hole 2 inches less than the depth of the root ball leaving a small portion exposed. If planting two or more ornamental pears, space them a minimum of 50 feet apart.

  4. Plant the tree

    Place the root ball in the hole and backfill with soil. Tamp the soil into place, and water deeply after filling the hole.

  5. Care for the pear tree

    Water the newly planted tree weekly the first year. Once roots are established, trees only need water during extended periods of dry weather.