How Do You Grow Orange Trees?


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Grow orange trees by planting them in a protected location with well-drained soil, watering them regularly and feeding them often. Only plant them outdoors in areas with a minimum temperature 35 degrees Fahrenheit and a maximum temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Start by planting orange trees in a wind-protected area with at least 12 feet between each tree, or slightly less for dwarf varieties. The trees need access to full sun and several inches of well-drained loamy or sandy soil, such as high pineland or high hammock soil. Never plant orange trees in rocky or shallow soil. To keep trees between 55 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit, plant them against the south wall of a building.

Orange trees require between 40 and 45 inches of water per year, and it's important to make sure the soil never dries out completely. For the first couple of years, feed the trees balanced fertilizer on a regular basis starting a few weeks after planting. Once the trees becomes established, move to a high-nitrogen fertilizer three times a year in the late winter, spring and late summer.

Trim away any dead, damaged or diseased limbs, and snip off suckers and watersprouts. Keep an eye out for aphids, scales and whiteflies. Spurts from a water hose, insecticides and horticultural oils can help keep orange trees free of infestation.

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