How Do You Grow Onions?

How Do You Grow Onions?

Grow onions by planting them at the right time and in a good location, using proper soil, fertilizing the plants regularly, watering them correctly and mulching them. You need onion sets, loamy soil, fertilizer, water and mulch.

  1. Plant onions at the right time

    Plant onions in the early spring around March or April when the temperature is still cool.

  2. Plant onions in a good location

    Plant onions in a location where they can receive plenty of sunlight. As a general rule of thumb, onions need about six hours of sunlight per day. Make sure that the location has plenty of well-drained, loamy soil.

  3. Mix the soil with fertilizer

    Before planting, mix the soil with a layer of manure or fertilizer. Nutrient-rich soil is critical to the development of onion plants.

  4. Plant onion sets

    Purchase onion sets, which look like tiny bulbs. Plant them in a one-inch hole. Space each plant 12 to 18 inches away from each other.

  5. Fertilize the onions

    Fertilize the onions regularly until the bulbing process starts. This occurs when the onions grow large enough to push above the soil line.

  6. Mulch the plants

    Mulch the plants to keep weed growth down and the soil moist.

  7. Water the plants

    Give the plants one inch of water per week.