How Do You Grow Mushrooms in Cow Dung?

How Do You Grow Mushrooms in Cow Dung?

To grow mushrooms in cow dung, mix the dung with mushroom spores, pour the mixture into a grow box, add peat moss when the spores begin to grow, cover the moss with a moistened newspaper and remove the paper once the mushrooms sprout. Irrigate the mushrooms regularly until they mature.

  1. Prepare the dung

    If the dung is dry, break it into small pieces in a bucket, add water, and mix it to a suitable consistency. However, skip this step if the dung is fresh.

  2. Mix the mushroom spores with cow dung

    Add mushroom spores to the wet dung, and mix them so the spores are evenly distributed. Once the mixture is ready, empty the bucket into a grow box and compact the mixture by pressing it down with your hands. Place the grow box in a cool area, with a temperature of 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

  3. Add peat moss

    Once a white substance appears on top of the dung, spread a 1-inch layer of peat moss over the manure and cover the dung with a newspaper. Spray the newspaper with water and relocate the grow box to an area with a temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Moisten the paper regularly so it never gets dry, and check the box to see if the mushrooms sprout.

  4. Water the mushrooms

    Once the mushroom sprouts emerge, remove the newspaper, and water the mushrooms two times a day. Clip them with scissors once they reach the desired size.