How Do You Grow Multiplying Onions?

How Do You Grow Multiplying Onions?

Plant multiplying onions anytime you can work the soil after frost, and amend the soil with compost. Harvest the crops, leaving a few onions to multiply, and keep the onion patch providing for the family's needs. You only need to plant multiplying onions once to supply the family with onions throughout the growing season.

  1. Prepare the bed

    Beginning two to three weeks before planting, work the soil to remove any grass or weeds. Turn the soil to loosen it. Cover with several inches of compost. Work the compost into the soil to create light and loose material in the planting bed that allows the bulbs to reproduce.

  2. Plant the onion bulbs

    Dig planting holes at 8-inch intervals. Place one bulb in each hole with the root end down. Cover with soil. Pat the soil in place gently, add a nitrate based fertilizer and use a garden hose to soak the area.

  3. Irrigate as necessary

    Monitor the soil moisture level. If it becomes dry, irrigate the bed.

  4. Harvest regularly

    Remove onions for use several times during the growing season, leaving a few onions to continue multiplying. As the days begin to grow shorter, multiplying onion leaves turn brown and fall over. Remove the bulbs, and store in a cool dry place for planting again.