How Do You Grow Morel Mushrooms?


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Grow morel mushrooms by growing the spores in a Petri dish, transferring the mycelium strands to a pot and preparing the growing area. Transfer the mushroom spawn to the growing area, and compost the area every week.

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  1. Grow the spores

    Prepare a Petri dish with a layer of agar, and hold a mushroom over it upside-down. Tap the mushroom until its spores fall into the dish. Cover the dish, and wait for the spores to grow into white mycelium fibers.

  2. Prepare the mycelium

    Fill a tray with rice, and place the mycelium strands in the tray.

  3. Transfer the mycelium to a pot

    After 24 hours, fill a jar with 5 parts of the rice and mycelium mixture and 1 part potting soil. Place the jar in a cool, dark place until the mushroom spawn start to grow.

  4. Find a location for the mushroom patch

    Find a good location for an outdoor mushroom patch, such as the shady area under a tree. The mushrooms need about 20 square feet to grow.

  5. Prepare the soil

    Till the first 12 inches of soil until it is loosened, and add compost, wood ashes and apple pomice. The soil needs a pH between 7.1 and 7.3.

  6. Add the mushroom spawn

    Sprinkle the mushroom spawn over the surface of the planting area, and carefully work it into the soil.

  7. Compost the area

    Add compost and burned wood shavings to the area every week.

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