How Do You Grow Mongo Seeds?

Mongo seeds, also known as mung beans, grow by immersing them in water and giving them just 4 hours of daylight each day, with the rest of their time spent in the dark. When they grow, they produce bean sprouts, which are rich in vitamin C and used in oriental dishes.

To grow mongo seeds:

  1. Find a container that has a lid
  2. As mongo seeds grow best in the dark, it is a good idea to find a container that has a lid. For example, use a tea pot or casserole dish.

  3. Choose the beans and soak them
  4. Around 1 ounce of beans produces 1 cup of sprouts. After selecting the beans, rinse them and immerse them in water. Try using four times as much volume of water as there are beans, and make sure the water is around 80 degrees Fahrenheit as they grow best in warm conditions.

  5. Rinse the beans and place them in the sprouter
  6. After 8 to 16 hours, take the beans and rinse them before placing them in the sprouter, which is the container. Place a layer of beans across the bottom and cover with a damp paper towel. Sprinkle more water on them after 4 hours, and then rinse again and cover with an inch of water.

  7. Repeat the procedure
  8. It sometimes takes four of five days for mongo beans to sprout fully, so repeat the process on days three, four and five if necessary.