How Do You Grow a Money Tree Plant?


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To grow a money tree plant, place it in indirect light, use well-drained potting soil and water it regularly. Fertilize it throughout the growing season, and braid the stems as desired.

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Plant a money tree plant in a container using well-drained potting mix, perlite and peat moss. Place the pot outside in the shade or keep it indoors next to a window with access to indirect light. Because a money tree plant requires a humid environment, a bathroom is a good location for it. Otherwise, mist it regularly with water, or place it on a tray of wet pebbles to increase the humidity. Water the plant every week or when the top couple inches of soil dry out, the latter of which can occur more often in hot, dry weather.

Feed the plant four times a year using timed-release fertilizer, or every other week during the spring and summer using diluted water-soluble plant food. Regularly snip away any yellowed or diseased leaves, using a pair of sterilized shears to prevent spreading any infestations. Braid the stems regularly as the plant grows, using a small amount of string or twine to tie the top stems together. Prune off any suckers that grow off the sides of the three main stems. Repot the plant every other year.

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