How Do You Grow Miss Huff Lantana?

How Do You Grow Miss Huff Lantana?

Plant Miss Huff lantana in an area that receives full sun and well-drained soil. Check the soil every few days and water as needed to keep the soil evenly moist for a newly transplanted lantana.

  1. Prepare the planting site

    Choose a spot with full sun exposure, and dig a hole that is deep enough so the plant's root ball rests evenly at ground level. It should be wide enough to allow 2 to 3 inches between the roots and the sides of the hole.

  2. Plant Miss Huff lantana

    Plant Miss Huff lantana at least two weeks after the last frost date in spring. Place the plant in the hole, fill it halfway with soil and add water to remove air pockets around the roots. Once the water is absorbed, straighten the plant and continue filling the hole with soil. Add a stake or support to help the tree's trunk to grow straight.

  3. Water the plant regularly

    Check the soil around the newly planted Miss Huff lantana every few days to maintain even moisture to encourage strong root formation. Once this drought-tolerant plant is established, it only needs 1 inch of rainfall or supplemental water weekly.

  4. Prune it annually

    In the spring, prune away old growth, and cut the plant back so that it is 6 to 12 inches from the ground. Lightly shape the plant throughout the summer.