How Do You Grow Mint?

How Do You Grow Mint?

Grow mint by planting it in a sunny location with loamy soil, watering it regularly, mulching the plant, pruning the plant and harvesting the leaves as needed. You need loamy and well-drained soil, potting mix, compost, water, mulch and pruning scissors.

  1. Pick a sunny location

    Pick a sunny location that provides plenty of room for the mint to grow. It can also be grown indoors. This plant does well when grown near tomatoes or cabbage. Make sure the location has loamy soil.

  2. Plant the mint

    If planting outdoors, place the mint plants in the soil at least 2 feet apart. If growing the mint indoors, fill a pot with a mixture of potting soil and compost. Place the plant in the pot, and position the pot where the plant can receive plenty of light.

  3. Water the plant

    Water the plant regularly so that the soil remains moist.

  4. Mulch the plant

    Lightly mulch the plant so that the soil retains its moisture.

  5. Remove the flowers

    In order to encourage growth, prune the plant down to the ground before it starts to flower.

  6. Harvest the leaves

    Harvest the leaves as needed. They are best if picked before the plant flowers and can be dried for later use.