How Do You Grow a Mango Tree?

To grow a mango tree, prepare an appropriate growing spot, make sure the soil drains properly, plant the root ball, water the tree, fertilize it three times per year and watch for pests. Growing a mango tree is fairly easy, but the tree requires regular care and maintenance.

  1. Prepare the sight

    In late winter or early spring, find an area that is protected from the cold, has soil with plenty of drainage and receives full sunlight. Dig a hole that is two times as wide and deep as the root ball.

  2. Check the drainage

    Fill a bucket with water. Pour the water in the hole to make sure it drains. If it doesn't drain, find a new location, or change the soil.

  3. Plant the root ball

    Place the root ball in the hole, and fill it with soil. The graft scar should be right at the surface of the soil.

  4. Water the tree

    Water the tree deeply so that the roots get fully saturated. When the soil 2 to 3 inches deep is dry, water it again.

  5. Fertilize the tree

    Apply 1 pound of nitrogen fertilizer for every year the plant has existed. Do this three times per year.

  6. Kill pests

    Watch out for bug infestations. Eliminate bugs them with horticultural oils, organic pesticides, cultural controls or biological controls.