How Do You Grow a Maltese Cross Flower Plant?

How Do You Grow a Maltese Cross Flower Plant?

Grow Maltese cross flower plants by growing seeds in pots, transplanting the seedlings to a location that receives plenty of sunlight, using the right type of soil and pruning them. You need pots, soil, supports and pruning scissors.

  1. Plant seeds in a pot

    Start growing Maltese cross flower plants by first planting seeds in a pot. If you are planting before the spring, use a cold frame. Once the seedlings have started to grow, transplant them to their final location.

  2. Choose a good location

    Choose a location to plant the seedlings where they receive plenty of sunlight or partial shade. Use well-drained, fertile soil. This plant thrives in sandy, loamy or chalky soils. It tolerates acidic or alkaline soil. Because it can grow up to 4 feet tall, plant each seedling in a location with plenty of space to spread out.

  3. Use supports

    If the weather is particularly windy in the area, use supports on the plants. Because the stems are weak, stake them once they grow tall enough.

  4. Prune the plants

    Trim the plants every year in the late spring after they bloom. Prune the old stems down to the ground. Encourage growth by removing dead and faded flower heads using the pruning scissors.