How Do You Grow and Maintain Quince Fruit Trees?


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Grow and maintain quince fruit trees by using loamy soil, placing it in a sunny location, giving it plenty of water and removing damaged limbs during the winter. Most varieties of quince trees need another plant for cross-pollination.

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Choose a location for the quince tree that has plenty of full sun, room to grow and wind protection, such as against a west-facing or south-facing wall. Most types grow from 10 to 20 feet tall, requiring sufficient room and, because most varieties don't self-pollinate, plant at least two trees. However, patio quince is a small cultivar designed for small spaces and is self-fertile.

Use rich, loamy soil that is well-draining. Work a generous amount of compost into the soil before planting the trees. Water the tree regularly so that the soil remains moist. Every spring, apply a thick layer of organic mulch around the tree. Feed young quince trees with a mild, granular fertilizer such as 5-2-6 fertilizer. Avoid heavy amounts of nitrogen as this can cause fireblight, scorching the leaves.

In the winter, prune away any diseased or damaged limbs and snip off suckers. Because quince trees are prone to pest infestations, inspect the leaves regularly for codling moths, borers and scale infestations.

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