How Do You Grow Lavender?

How Do You Grow Lavender?

Grow lavender by choosing a location that provides plenty of sunlight, maintaining the right kind of soil, preparing the planting area, watering the plant, mulching the plant and pruning it. You need lavender plants, mulch, water and pruning shears.

  1. Choose a good location

    Choose a good place to plant the lavender. This plant grows best in dry climates with rocky, well-drained soil. Make sure the lavender has plenty of exposure to sunlight and space to grow.

  2. Use the right kind of soil

    Plant the lavender in well-drained soil. For lavender rich in essential oil, use soil that is lean or does not have much organic matter. For lavender rich in fragrance, use chalky alkaline soil.

  3. Prepare the soil

    Prepare the planting area by mixing the soil with a layer of compost.

  4. Plant the lavender

    When planting the lavender, allow plenty of space between plants. This keeps air flowing around the plants and reduces problems with humidity.

  5. Water the plant

    Water the lavender well until it is established. Afterwards, you can reduce the amount of moisture you give it.

  6. Mulch the plant

    Add a thick layer of mulch to the plant during winter to protect the roots from the cold.

  7. Prune the plant

    Prune the plant by one-third of its height during spring or down to the new growth depending on the variety of plant.