How Do You Grow Lantana Shrubs?


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Grow lantana shrubs by planting them in a location with full sun and well-drained soil, watering them correctly, mulching the plants and fertilizing them. Lantana shrubs need to be pruned only in the late winter before they produce new growth.

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Select a planting location that has access to direct sunlight. If winter temperatures fall below 10 degrees Fahrenheit, plant the shrub in a pot, and bring it indoors during the winter. Use well-drained soil, amending it with compost to improve drainage. When first planting the shrub, plant it deep enough that the crown of the plant and surrounding soil is only slightly above the rest of the soil line. Water the plant well and regularly for three weeks after planting. After that, only water during hot or dry weather.

Add a 3-inch layer of mulch to the soil around the plant to help retain moisture, making sure to leave a few inches between the crown of the plant and the mulch. Add compost to the soil every spring, or give the plant a low-nitrogen fertilizer, watering it well immediately afterwards. Trim back any leggy limbs, or damaged and dead wood, in the late winter to within 1 foot of ground.

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