How to I Grow Knockout Roses?


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Grow a Knock Out rose bush by planting it in a location with well-drained soil and full sun, watering it regularly, fertilizing it, and pruning it in the early spring, Today's Homeowner suggests. This plant is naturally disease resistant and low maintenance.

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How to I Grow Knockout Roses?
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Choose a good location for a Knock Out rose bush, advises the San Francisco Chronicle. It needs at least partial sun with up to six hours of direct morning sunlight. The planting location needs to allow for plenty of air flow through the limbs of the plant, which helps to prevent fungal diseases. Plant a Knock Out rose bush either in late fall or early spring once the ground thaws.

Once the rose bush is planted, it needs water and fertilizer, Today's Home Owner says. Water a Knock Out rose bush once a week to keep it healthy. Apply a balanced fertilizer once a month during the growing season.

A Knock Out rose bush needs very little pruning, but dead, damaged and diseased wood needs to be removed immediately, states North Carolina State University. Prune in the early spring, cutting back the healthy shoots drastically for vigorous spring and summer growth. Make all pruning cuts at a slant 1/4 inch above a leaf bud.

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