How Do You Grow Kale?

How Do You Grow Kale?

Grow kale by starting it early in the spring, choosing an appropriate location, preparing the soil with fertilizer, thinning the seedlings, watering the plants regularly and mulching them. You need kale seeds, fertilizer, a rowel, well-drained soil, water and mulch.

  1. Start it early

    Prepare to plant kale either early in the spring or in the fall. This plant tolerates the cold well and can produce into the winter depending on the cultivar. For instance, both vates and winterbor produce leaves in the winter.

  2. Choose a good location

    Plant kale in an area that receives full sunlight. The soil needs to be light and well-drained.

  3. Prepare the soil

    Prepare the site by mixing fertilizer with the soil. Use a 5-10-10 ratio fertilizer, and work it into the top 3 inches of soil.

  4. Plant the kale

    Plant the kale seeds in 1/2-inch-deep holes.

  5. Thin the seedlings

    Once the kale begins to grow, thin out the plants so that there is at least 8 inches between each plant.

  6. Water the plants

    Water the kale plants regularly.

  7. Mulch the kale

    After the first freeze in the fall, add a thick layer of mulch around the plants in order to protect them from the cold.