How Do You Grow a Kalanchoe Plant?

To grow a kalanchoe plant, plant it in a well-drained potting mix in a container placed near a sunny window. The plant needs to be kept above 50 degrees Fahrenheit at regular household temperatures and watered regularly.

When first planting a kalanchoe, use well-drained potting mix or soil mixed with sand or perlite and a clay pot with drainage holes in the bottom. The plant needs enough light to flower, but moderate temperature and indirect sunlight. Move the plant from an east window in the summer to a southern window in the winter to ensure it gets enough sunlight, but avoid drafty widows or vents. Although the plant needs to be moved indoors during the winters, they can be placed outside in the shade during the summers.

Water the plant until the water runs through the drainage holes, and then make sure the soil dries out before watering it again. Too much water can cause root rot. Fertilize the plant from twice a week to twice a month during flowering with a balanced, liquid fertilizer. Snip off any faded blooms or the flowering head after the plant stops flowering, and reduce watering. To produce blossoms all year round, place the plant in darkness for 14 hours a day for six weeks.