How Do You Grow an Indoor Herb Garden?

How Do You Grow an Indoor Herb Garden?

An indoor herb garden requires herb seeds or seedlings, pots, fresh soil and plant markers. Fill the pots with soil, plant the seeds, and water regularly per the instructions provided with the seeds. Growing an indoor garden is similar to growing an outdoor one, with a few additional considerations, such as placing the plants where they receive sufficient sunlight and ensuring there is somewhere for excess water to drain.

Some popular herbs that are ideal for indoor gardens are oregano, rosemary, basil, peppermint and thyme.

Do not plant all the herbs in one pot; instead, get one pot for each plant and line them up on a windowsill. Make sure to use potting soil from a garden center rather than soil from the yard. Be careful not to over water the plants. Follow the recommended watering instructions, allow the soil to dry between waterings, and watch for yellow leaves, a sign that the plants need less water.

Herbs can be difficult to differentiate when they are very young, so purchase plant markers to identify them. Alternatively, purchase a small chalk board for each pot.

It is essential to have a plan for any excess water that drains from the pots. Consider placing a tray filled with gravel in the windowsill for the pots to sit in. This allows water to drain from the pots and evaporate in the sunlight.