How Do You Grow Honeycrisp Apple Trees?


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Grow a Honeycrisp apple tree by choosing the location, tilling the soil, digging a furrow, placing the seeds, watering, fertilizing and pruning. Keep the soil soaked during the entire germination period.

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  1. Choose the location

    Find a location around the yard that is in direct sunlight. Ensure there are no structures or other trees with a 20-foot or lower vertical clearance from the area.

  2. Till the soil

    Dig the soil with a tiller and add some potting soil to the spot. Then continue tilling until the potting soil is mixed in with the dirt.

  3. Dig a furrow

    Use a shovel to dig a furrow about 1-inch deep.

  4. Plant the seeds

    Place the seeds in the furrow, and cover it with soil. Then add some sand on the top, and place a wire screen around the area.

  5. Water the seeds

    Water the area daily until completely soaked as the seeds are germinating. Do not let the area dry out.

  6. Fertilize the tree

    Put down some fertilizer in the early spring by first measuring the height of the tree in inches. Then apply a nitrogen-based fertilizer, and use one-tenth of a pound per inch.

  7. Prune the tree

    Use a hand pruner to remove all damaged or broken limbs. Additionally, cut off any branches that are lower than 18 inches above the ground.

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