How Do You Grow Hen and Chick Plants?


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Hen and chick plants are grown in full sun in a cactus mix. To facilitate drainage, the pot needs to have at least one drainage hole. If the plants are to be grown outdoors, they need to be placed in a gravelly or sandy area that offers quick drainage.

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How Do You Grow Hen and Chick Plants?
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Outdoor plants need full sun or partial shade. Because hen and chicks are succulents, they do not need to be watered often. They should only be watered when the soil is completely dry. Then, they need to be watered thoroughly. If there is water in the drip tray after the watering, it needs to be emptied out. The plant must not be allowed to have "wet feet."

The rosettes of the plant flower near the end of its life, so after it flowers, the rosette should be cut back to the ground. It is important that the knife be sharp, so not to crush the plant, and clean, so not to impart disease. Even though the individual rosette dies, a healthy colony of hen and chicks has many rosettes and is constantly producing more.

Hen and chicks are propagated by removing the offsets and transplanting them. They need to be cut off with a sharp knife just beneath the surface of the soil.

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