How Do You Grow Hardy Cyclamen?

How Do You Grow Hardy Cyclamen?

Grow hardy cyclamen by following a few simple steps. You need to choose a good location, compost the soil, plant the tubers correctly, add mulch and water the plant. The proper materials include a trowel, compost, mulch, grit and water.

  1. Choose a good location

    Plant hardy cyclamen in a location that receives only partial sunlight. Use well-drained, fertile soil. Most species of this plant grow well in pots.

  2. Compost the soil

    If the soil is not humus-rich and fertile, add compost. The compost needs to include organic matter, loam and bonemeal. If you choose a soilless compost made of peat and bark, make sure to add extra grit or gravel.

  3. Plant the tubers

    Plant the tubers when the roots start growing. Place them in a hole that is only 1 to 2 inches deep and cover the hole with grit or gravel. This shallow planting is necessary for the tubers to flower.

  4. Add mulch

    Add a layer of leaf mould mulch every year at the end of the plant's growing season. For locations that undergo frosts, add bark chips as well. This protects the plant from the cold.

  5. Water the plant

    Water the plant well. Allow the soil to dry out before watering it again.