How Do You Grow Green Onions?


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Grow green onions by preparing the garden bed, planting the onion sets correctly, watering the plants thoroughly, thinning the plants as needed, and mulching the onions. You need green onion sets, a trowel, compost, blood meal, mulch and water.

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  1. Prepare the garden bed

    You need an area for your green onion bed that is at least 12 inches by 18 inches. Spread four inches of compost on the soil surface along with a sprinkling of blood meal. Using a trowel, work the compost, blood meal and top six inches of soil together.

  2. Plant the onion sets

    Dig a one-inch hole, and place one onion set inside it. Space the onion sets at least one inch apart. Cover the sets with soil.

  3. Water the plants thoroughly

    Water the onions well after first planting them, and continue on a regular basis as they grow. The soil needs to remain moist at all times.

  4. Thin the onion plants

    Once the onions emerge and reach a height of three inches, thin them so that they are spaced every two inches.

  5. Mulch the onions

    After thinning the plants, spread a layer of finely ground mulch on the ground around them. Bark or sawdust work well for this purpose.

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