How Do You Grow Grass From Seed?


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You grow grass from seed by tilling the planting site, leveling the soil, adding fertilizer, sowing the seed, raking the soil, mulching the area and watering the grass seed. You need a tiller, rake, spreader, fertilizer, grass seed, wheat straw mulch and water for the task.

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  1. Till the planting site

    Use a tiller to cultivate the planting site. Remove any big debris from the area such as branches or rocks.

  2. Level the soil

    Level the planting area by raking the soil to even out any high, low, or clumpy spots.

  3. Add fertilizer

    Add fertilizer using your spreader. Use 2 1/2 pounds fertilizer for every 1,000 square feet of planting area.

  4. Sow the seed

    Use the spreader to sow half the grass seed. Work in parallel rows from north to south, and sow the rest of the seed from east to west.

  5. Mulch the area

    Spread a layer of wheat straw mulch over the seeded area to keep wind and erosion from washing away the seed.

  6. Water the seed

    Lightly water the grass seed each day.

  7. Remove the mulch

    Once the grass starts growing, rake away the mulch, but rake carefully to avoid harming or removing any grass seedlings as you work.

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