How Do You Grow Grapes?

How Do You Grow Grapes?

To grow grapes, choose an appropriate location, plant the grapes, apply fertilizer yearly, prune the stems and leaves, and pick the grapes when ripe. You need grapes, nitrogen fertilizer and a trellis or fence to complete this project.

  1. Choose a gardening spot

    Choose a location that gets at least eight hours of sunlight per day and has well-drained soil. Avoid planting in areas that have grass and weeds.

  2. Plant the grapes

    Mulch the area using aged compost, and set up a trellis for the grapes to grow up before planting. Plant the grapes in the early spring. Cut the roots back to 6 inches to allow the feeder roots to extend to the trunk. Prune off all buds except for a single stem, and leave only two buds on that stem.

  3. Nurture the grapes

    Monitor the grapes regularly for weeds or pests, and pick any pests away. Water regularly. Apply nitrogen fertilizer for the next two or three years in the early spring. Stop fertilizing when the vines look ripe and healthy.

  4. Prune the grapes

    Leave a few lingering stems from the last growing season during the dormant season. Otherwise, prune away as much growth as possible to produce high-quality fruit, and prune out any deformed flowers or damaged fruit clusters.

  5. Pick the grapes

    Taste the grapes occasionally to see if they are ripe for picking. Then pick by hand to avoid damaging the grapes.