How Do You Grow Grape Vines?

How Do You Grow Grape Vines?

Grow grape vines by choosing the right type of plant for your location, planting the vines in a good site, constructing a trellis, mulching the plants, fertilizing the plants and pruning the vines often. You need bare-root grape vines, a garden trowel, a trellis, mulch, fertilizer and pruning shears.

  1. Choose the right type of plant

    Choose a type of grape vine that thrives in your climate. American grape vines grow well in colder areas, whereas European vines need warm, dry locations. Make sure the vine is self-pollinating.

  2. Choose the right location

    Choose a location with full or morning sunlight to plant the vines. Make sure the soil is well-drained.

  3. Construct a trellis

    Construct a trellis for the vines so the plants have support while growing.

  4. Soak the roots

    Place the grape vine roots in water. Allow the roots to soak for two hours before planting.

  5. Plant the vines

    Dig holes 12 inches deep and wide, and space the holes 6 feet apart. Add 4 inches of top soil to the holes before planting the vines. After planting, fill the rest of the holes with soil. Water the vines immediately after planting.

  6. Mulch the plants

    Mulch the ground around the plants to keep the soil moist.

  7. Add fertilizer

    Lightly fertilize the plants during the second year of growth.

  8. Prune the vines

    During the first two years of growth, pinch away any fruit to allow the plant to focus energy on growing its roots. Prune the vines during the dormant period in late winter. During the first year, trim back all but two or three buds, and prune all the canes except for a few of the strongest. In the second year, cut back all the canes, but leave some buds on the main branches of the plant.