How Do You Grow Gourds?


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You can grow gourds by starting them from seeds, allowing adequate room for growth and providing a support structure to keep the fruits off the ground. You need gourd seeds, a hoe, fertilizer, mulch, and a trellis, fence or arbor. Gourds take around 100 to 180 days to mature.

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How Do You Grow Gourds?
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  1. Prepare the site

    Gourds prefer rich, well-drained soil. Add organic matter to the soil if necessary. Compost, composted manure and peat moss are good choices for planting gourds.

  2. Sow the seeds

    Sow the seeds individually or in hills. Space the seeds 2 feet apart, leaving 5 feet between the rows, or sow four to five seeds in each hill, thinning to two once they develop leaves. Hills should be 4 to 5 feet apart, with 7 feet between the rows.

  3. Mulch around the plants

    Once the plants break the soil, mulch around them to preserve moisture and prevent weeds. Hand cultivation can injure a gourd's shallow root system. Water the plants frequently during the growing season.

  4. Fertilize the plants

    Once the vines begin to run, apply a 10-10-10 fertilizer.

  5. Encourage the vines to climb

    Install a fence, arbor, trellis or other tall object near the vines. Train the vines to climb up the object, twining them around or through the object until they begin to climb on their own. Watch the fruits carefully to prevent contact with the ground.

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