How Do You Grow Ginger Root?

How Do You Grow Ginger Root?

To grow ginger root, plant a smooth root in a container, and place it in an indoor location with a temperature of at least 75 degrees Fahrenheit. Cut and replant the same root year after year.

  1. Purchase and prepare the ginger root

    Purchase a ginger root that has smooth skin, a full appearance and several bumps. If the skin appears extremely wrinkled, the ginger is too old to sprout. Fill a bowl with warm water, and soak the ginger overnight. The next day, cut the wet ginger into sections that have at least two or three bumps on each piece.

  2. Plant the ginger

    Select a pot that has drainage holes on the bottom, and fill it with commercial potting soil or an equal mixture of compost, loam, peat moss and sand. Bury each ginger piece 2 to 5 inches deep.

  3. Provide water and sunlight

    Ginger is a tropical plant that needs humidity and sunlight. Water every other day by misting the plant with a spray bottle. Place the container in an area that receives partial sunlight. Move the container outside during the summer.

  4. Cut and replant

    Once the plant has grown for a year, remove it from the container. Cut off the leaves and fibers, and cut away a portion of the root for your use. Replant the rest of the root for future growth.