How Do You Grow Ginger?

How Do You Grow Ginger?

How Do You Grow Ginger?

Growing ginger is a simple process that can take several months of watering and waiting to complete. To grow your own ginger, you need a whole ginger root, a container, potting soil and windows that receive sunlight.

  1. Soak your ginger root

    Using some water, rinse off your ginger thoroughly and then soak it at a lukewarm temperature. Let the ginger sit for about 2 hours before removing it. It's okay if some of the ginger's skin comes off at this time.

  2. Get your container and soil ready

    Take your bag of soil and add about 2 cups of water. Shake the bag up until the soil is damp, and then let it sit for an hour. After the bag has been dampened, place it into your container and put the container on your windowsill.

  3. Plant the ginger

    With your hands, put the ginger root just below the surface of the potting soil. Ensure that the soil around it is wet. You can break a large ginger root up into several smaller chunks if you choose.

  4. Keep the soil warm

    Make sure to keep the soil warm and moist over the next few months. In time, you should see your ginger start to grow.