How Do You Grow Geraniums From Cuttings?


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To grow geraniums from cuttings, use shears to take 3- to 4-inch cuttings from the plants' leaf stalks, and place the cuttings in a container filled with room temperature water, submerging the bottom third of the each cutting. Do not take cuttings from flowering stalks. Add a small piece of willow branch to the container to encourage root growth.

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Geranium cuttings placed in water may require up to 30 days to develop roots and do best in warm humid environments. Cuttings may need two to three weeks for root systems to fully develop to the point where the plants are ready for transplantation. Late summer is the best time of year to root cuttings. It is possible to grow all varieties of geraniums from cuttings, although certain species propagate better than others.

Geraniums, known for their attractive flowers and foliage, are common throughout many temperate parts of the world. A number of different geranium species are suitable for cultivation, either for horticultural use or in the production of pharmaceutical products. The most popular species of geranium are perennials, since they are able to survive colder winter temperatures. These plants are typically long-lived and grow well in both partial shade and full sunlight.

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