How Do You Grow Garlic Indoors?

How Do You Grow Garlic Indoors?

Grow garlic indoors by preparing the container, separating the cloves, planting the cloves properly, chilling the cloves, watering the garlic frequently, placing the garlic in a good location and fertilizing the plants. You need a container, potting soil, one head of garlic, plastic wrap, fertilizer and water.

  1. Prepare the container

    Get a container or pot that is at least 8 inches deep with drainage holes. If necessary, punch holes in the bottom of the container using a screwdriver. Fill the container with soil.

  2. Separate the cloves

    Separate the cloves from the garlic head. Remove as little of the skin as possible. Keep only the largest cloves to plant.

  3. Plant the cloves

    Dig 3-inch deep holes that are between 4 and 6 inches apart in the soil. Place the garlic clove in the hole so that the pointy end is at the top. Fill the holes with soil.

  4. Chill the garlic

    Place plastic wrap over the mouth of the container, and put the container in a refrigerator for up to 8 weeks.

  5. Water the garlic

    Make sure that the soil is always moist, even during the chilling period. When necessary, mist the soil with a spray bottle while the garlic is being chilled. After the chilling period, water the garlic every other day.

  6. Place the garlic in a good location

    Remove the garlic from the refrigerator, and place the container in a location that receives plenty of sunlight.

  7. Remove the plastic wrap

    Remove the plastic wrap from the container once the garlic breaks the surface of the soil.

  8. Fertilize the garlic

    Once the garlic starts to grow, fertilize the plants twice a month.