How Do You Grow Frangipani?


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Grow frangipani plants by choosing a site with full sun exposure and well-drained soil, watering them only during the spring and fall and pruning them for size. A frangipani thrives best in southern climates and coastlines without frosts.

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First, choose a location for the frangipani where it receives at least six hours of direct sunlight per day and protection from windy conditions. For the latter consideration, choose a location by a wall that not only offers a wind block but warmth during cooler weather as well. If you live in a northern climate or a location with hard frosts, place the frangipani in a pot that can be taken indoors during the winter. Use well-drained sandy soil or high-quality potting mix.

Next, plant the frangipani or a frangipani cutting. To plant the cutting, place a 12-inch piece in a 4-inch deep hole, and water it well until its grows roots and becomes established. An established frangipani requires watering during the fall and spring, although a potted frangipani requires moderate summer moisture as well. Add a layer of organic mulch on the ground over the roots to maintain moisture. Feed the plant with an organic, high-nitrogen fertilizer during the spring and summer, but discontinue during the winter to allow the plant to go into dormancy.

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