How Do You Grow Euphorbia Milii?


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Euphorbia milii grow best in well-drained planting sites that experience full sunlight for at least two-thirds of the day. Hybrid plants can tolerate a wide range of temperatures and soil conditions from relatively dry to overly wet. These plants prefer soil that is slightly alkaline.

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Soil drainage is an essential concern for ensuring euphorbia milii do not develop a fatal fungal disease known as root rot. Plants may benefit from raised planting areas that provide superior drainage or the addition of peat moss or compost to soils that are too damp or sandy. Euphorbia milii planting is best done in holes that are as deep as the root bulbs and twice as wide. Plants need to be at least 2 feet apart to ensure adequate air circulation and leave some room to grow.

Euphorbia milii are a species of flowering plant sometimes referred to as crown of thorns or Christ plants. There are numerous species of this woody multi-stemmed shrub, and pink, white, yellow and red varieties of euphorbia milii exist, with some plants growing up to 5 feet in height. These perpetually blooming plants are originally from Madagascar and are relatively easy to grow when provided with ideal conditions.

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