How Do You Grow an Elberta Peach Tree?


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Well-drained soil and at least six to eight hours of sunlight are needed for the Elberta peach tree to grow and produce the maximum amount of fruit. It also needs protection from heavy winds and early frosts. Water the tree every seven to 10 days, using mulch to retain moisture. Fertilize the tree early in the spring. Prune both the tree and the fruit to avoid crowding.

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If cared for properly, an Elberta peach tree can live for up to 20 years. The tree comes in varying heights, with standard varieties reaching 25 feet and dwarf varieties up to 10 feet. A mature Elberta peach tree can bear up to 150 pounds of fruit each year. The trees produce juicy, yellow-fleshed fruits. The fruits are popular for eating, baking, freezing and canning.

The Elberta peach tree generally does not bear fruit for the first two to three years. The first signs of the tree's pink flowers appear in mid-spring. The fruit does not mature until late summer when it is ripe for picking. Late spring frosts can damage the blooms, preventing the appearance of fruit. Though Elberta peach trees are self-pollinating, they also benefit from pollination by bees. Many other peach trees can cross-pollinate with the Elberta peach tree.

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