How Do You Grow Edible Mushrooms?


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To grow edible mushrooms, create a growing medium, seed it with mushroom spawn and place it in a cool dark location until the mushrooms are ready for harvest. Growing mediums, which are also known as substrate, can be purchased or created from scratch. Growing mushrooms indoors requires a well-ventilated and temperature-controlled environment.

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Saprotrophic mushrooms such as button, shitake and oyster mushrooms feed on decomposing organic matter and can be grown indoors under the right circumstances. Mushroom growing kits that contain pure mushroom fungus are available for purchase. Creating a growing medium and inoculating it with mushroom spawn is another option. Button mushrooms are among the easiest to grow.

To create a substrate, soak straw in water for a full day before pouring the water and straw mixture onto a manure pile until it has become saturated. Sprinkle the manure with gypsum, and mix it with a pitchfork before letting it rest for one week. Turn the pile over, and sprinkle water on any dry or white areas once a week for five weeks. Mix dry mushroom spawn into the compost, and place the substrate in a cool dark environment. Add moistened soil or peat moss to the substrate after two weeks and harvest mushrooms when they reach 1 inch in diameter.

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