How Do You Grow Dwarf Citrus Trees?


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To grow a dwarf citrus tree, plant the tree in a container several inches wider than its roots, changing containers as necessary while the tree grows. Protect the tree from wind, cold temperatures and excess water, using direct sunlight, heat-producing lights and blankets as necessary to keep the tree warm. In colder climates, bring dwarf citrus trees indoors during the winter months.

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Dwarf citrus trees must receive at least six hours of sunlight per day, and should ideally receive eight hours. This sunlight can be either indoors through a south-facing window or outdoors. Placing outdoor trees in areas where pavement or walls reflect heat encourages growth by providing a warmer environment.

Water dwarf citrus trees with room temperature water rather than cold water. The trees require more frequent watering in the summer and less frequent watering in the winter. Water a dwarf citrus tree when the top six inches of the soil are dry. Once water runs out of the bottom of the container, the tree is sufficiently watered.

Feed dwarf citrus trees with citrus plant food if desired. Divide the dose recommended on the plant food packaging into thirds. Give these doses to the dwarf citrus tree in spring, early summer and late summer.

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