How Do You Grow a Dwarf Burning Bush?

How Do You Grow a Dwarf Burning Bush?

How Do You Grow a Dwarf Burning Bush?

Plant a dwarf burning bush in an area with full sun exposure and well-drained soil. Water the plant regularly, particularly during its first growing season to encourage the development of a deep, strong root system, as well as fertilize and prune the bush yearly. Use a dwarf burning bush as part of a mass planting as a hedge or screen plant, or as a stand-alone specimen.

  1. Plant a dwarf burning bush plant

    The optimal planting site for most varieties is an area with full sun, at least six hours of direct sun daily. Some varieties also tolerate partial shade. This low-maintenance shrub is hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones four through nine.

  2. Water the bush regularly

    Although it does not tolerate overly wet conditions, it is important to keep a newly planted bush evenly moist with regular watering. As a general rule, the plant needs approximately 1 inch of water weekly, either from rainfall or supplemental watering. It needs approximately 3 inches of water weekly during periods of extreme heat.

  3. Fertilize and prune the dwarf burning bush

    Apply a balanced, all-purpose fertilizer every year in spring before the plant starts showing signs of new growth. Prune the bush every year in late winter or very early spring to shape it and keep its size in check.