How Do You Grow a Dracaena Marginata Tree?

How Do You Grow a Dracaena Marginata Tree?

Grow a Dracaena marginata plant by choosing a location with plenty of sun, using well-drained soil, watering regularly, fertilizing lightly and repotting as necessary. You need well-draining soil or potting mix, controlled-release fertilizer, water and a pot.

  1. Place in the proper location

    Place the Dracaena marginata in a location that receives relatively bright light. This plant does best in temperatures between 65 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. If the temperature outside becomes too hot or too cold, the plant should be brought inside. This plant does well if kept indoors.

  2. Use proper soil

    Use loose, well-draining potting mix. Annually refresh potted soil with fresh soil; replacing any that has become compacted.

  3. Water regularly

    Water the plant regularly, but allow the plant to be almost dry before watering again. Use a distilled or nonfluoridated water to avoid discoloration of the plants leaves. Avoid over watering; allowing the plant to sit in water can result in root rot.

  4. Limit fertilizer use

    This plant requires very little fertilizer. Fertilizer is only necessary once or twice annually, preferably at the beginning of spring using controlled-release fertilizer.

  5. Repot as necessary

    Repot as necessary into a larger pot. The plant grows at a slow rate; the action of repotting may be done every two to three years.