How Do You Grow a Donkey Tail Plant?

How Do You Grow a Donkey Tail Plant?

How Do You Grow a Donkey Tail Plant?

Donkey tail plants are succulents with a growing season from spring through fall. To grow them, you need some cuttings, pruning shears, potting mix, a tray and some 2-inch pots.

  1. Prepare the cutting

    Donkey tail plants grow from both the stems and leaves of a cutting. To prepare the stem, remove the leaves from the lower part and set them aside. Fill a 2-inch pot with potting mix to within 1/2 inch of the top, and insert the stem into the center, patting the soil so the stem remains upright. Set the leaves cut side down on a tray of moist potting mix until tiny white roots form. Afterwards, plant the leaves individually in 2-inch pots.

  2. Water and fertilize the plants

    During growing season, especially while the plants are young, keep the soil moist. In winter, watering once a month is sufficient, though if the leaves become shriveled, a little more water may be necessary. Fertilize the plants monthly in spring and summer with special succulent fertilizer.

  3. Re-pot growing plants

    Re-pot the donkey tail plants whenever needed. Brush off the old soil, and replant it with new soil in a larger pot. During re-potting, you can also divide the plants. When the stems become long enough, move the plants into hanging baskets.