How Do You Grow a Dogwood Tree From a Seed?

How Do You Grow a Dogwood Tree From a Seed?

To grow a dogwood tree from a seed, collect the dogwood seed and soak it in water to soften the pulp, then plant the seed in fertile, moist soil and water two times a day, making sure that no rodents or bugs harm the plant and that the plant gets an adequate amount of fertilizer. Dogwood plants are very weak at first, so it important to take gentle care of the plant during its early stages.

Growing dogwood trees is similar to growing any other sort of plant from its seed, in that the seed must be planted and nurtured properly. Dogwood trees are popular due to their vibrant flowers that bloom each year.

  1. Collect the seed and prepare it to be planted
  2. Dogwood seeds can be collected in October or November. The seeds should be soaked in water for 2 days before planting in order to soften up the pulp.

  3. Plant the seed
  4. Seeds should be planted at least 1 inch apart and only 1/2 inch deep. The soil should be rich in nutrients and moist.

  5. Nurture the seed
  6. The seed should be gently watered twice a day and kept in a warm area. Any general fertilizer will help to ensure that the seed is getting proper nutrients to grow.

  7. Protect the seed as it grows
  8. Wiring can be placed over the seed to stop rodents from digging it up. As the tree grows, it is important to make sure no bugs or diseases are damaging the plant.