How Do You Find and Grow Daylilies?


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Find daylily tubers for sale at any gardening or home center. In much of the Northern Hemisphere, foraging for daylilies in the wilderness is also possible, and foragers can identify the flowers by their bright yellow or orange colors and oblong tubers. Plant daylilies in quality soil with at least partial sun exposure. The plants are extremely hardy and require little effort from gardeners once they are in the ground.

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Although wild daylilies only occur in a handful of colors, hybrid plants and cultivars available at garden centers come in a much larger variety of colors and patterns. Unlike some perennial flowers, such as tulips, daylilies continue to produce the same vibrant colors and patterns year after year and don't revert to more muted tones over time.

While daylilies are usually grown from tubers, growing these flowers from seeds is also possible. Growing daylily seeds is much more difficult than growing tubers, as the plants produce seeds with a low germination rate and a very long germination period.

Dividing the clumps the tubers form every few years allows consistently attractive daylilies to grow. Without division, the tubers compete with each other for nutrients, and all of the plants produce fewer and less attractive flowers. The dividing process is easy and requires a small spade to remove excess tubers. After removing them, plant the excess tubers elsewhere in the garden, give them to friends, or use them in the kitchen, as the entire daylily plant is edible.

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