How Do You Grow Dahlias?


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To grow dahlias, get them started indoors six weeks before the last expected frost, then transplant them outside after the frost has passed. Water the plants consistently to keep the soil moist, fertilize them weekly and stake tall plants.

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  1. Plant the tubers indoors

    Six weeks before the last expected frost, fill a 5-inch pot with all-purpose potting mix. Plant each tuber, and place the pot on a sunny window sill. Keep the soil consistently moist, without saturating it. Transplant young seedlings into individual pots.

  2. Move the plants outdoors

    After all frost has passed, find an outdoor area that gets full sunlight, and put down rich soil with plenty of drainage. Space the tall plants 20 inches from each other, 3 to 4 inches deep in the soil. Space the short plants 10 inches apart, and 2 to 3 inches deep. Plant tall dahlias in the back of a border, and average sized dahlias grouped together, or with other flowers.

  3. Water and fertilize the plants

    Keep the soil damp, and conserve moisture by mulching regularly. Fertilize the plants with a balanced liquid fertilizer on a weekly basis.

  4. Stake tall dahlias

    To prevent tall dahlias from toppling, use soft twine to tie them to stakes. For additional support, add two stakes in a triangle shape when necessary.

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